Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the common questions we get asked,
or things we felt you may want to ask, but were too afraid to :-)

Getting Started

A guest account cannot modify or edit dashboards, and is generally used to provide a limited set of dashboards for guests of your home to use so that they can control or view various home automation items - such as lights, air conditioning, or blinds etc.

Guests login to hubiVue via a "Guest Code" - to make that process easy, and something that can be done by printing an instruction sheet (with the QR code included), your guests can install hubiVue from the relevant app stores, scan the QR code, login, and start using your automated home.


Right now, we have launched apps in the respective stores for both Android phone/tablet, and Apple iPhone/iPad - we also have working prototypes of our app working on Mac OS, Windows and Web/chrome, so stay tuned for further releases that will enable broader platform support.

Initially, for setup and the first login, you will need an active internet connection from the device where hubiVue is installed, but after that, a cache copy of the dashboard configuration is kept locally on the device, and no Internet connection is needed or used. The app will regularly try to reconnect, and check to see if a more recent configuration has been updated, but it will continue to function locally on your WiFi network and communicate directly to your home automation hub.

A 100% useful version of hubiVue will always be free - our intention is to keep hubiVue free for guests and for basic use so that you can enjoy beautiful modern looking dashboards that match your modern automated home.

We've designed the hubiVue app to be lite on hosting resources, so we can sustain this free version and support our business with a subscription that unlocks an advanced and expanded version of hubiVue with features that not everyone will need or require.